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Perfectly located and just under 80 minutes drive from 3 major international airports (Malaga, Seville and Jerez) are The White Villages of Andalucía. These localities charmingly appear to scale between the mountain ranges, like clusters of white houses. The denomination of the White Villages derives precisely from there, as the houses are painted in white. Tradition in this area dictates that it is necessary to whitewash the render, apply lime on the facades of the houses, and later adorn these homes with colourful flower pots, bursting full of life.

The result is a complete visual experience: the whitewashed walls, the pots full of life, the intense blue of the Andalusian sky and the browns and greens of the mountains. A truly spectacular cycling paradise yet to be discovered.

The Scenery

The scenery and landscape in the white villages of Andalucía will take your breath away. Known as an area of truly outstanding natural beauty, you will not be short of sights to catch your eye on your routes. You’ll mostly be cycling in and out of Sierra de Grazalema, designated a Unesco Biosphere reserve in 1977, and declared the first natural park in Andalucía in 1984. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, right? Check out these pictures below!

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The Roads

Picture it, that perfect road you’ve dreamed about cycling through; we’re pretty certain the ones you’ll find down here won’t disappoint. The roads are exceptionally quiet and silky smooth. As the area developed economically, new states and bigger roads were built. Those windy, narrow, breath-taking secondary roads were used only by farmers and landowners as most residents favoured the bigger straight roads.


That means not much traffic. It isn’t uncommon not to see a car for miles in certain parts. Those drivers you encounter tend to be extremely respectful, as they are always used to seeing local riders. Expect no road rage here.

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The Weather

We know for certain (after all, we live in Britain for most of the year) that good weather is something we cyclists seek above pretty much anything else during our cycling holidays. Well, with over 310 days of sunshine, and an average temperature of 17.8 degrees, you are almost certainly guaranteed to be very happy.
Sierra de Cadiz is a micro-climate which means fluctuation in temperatures between summer and winter are more noticeable here. The air is crisp, clean, and cool in winter while summer brings with it hot days where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool after a full day of rides.

The best months to cycle with us are (February to June) and (September to the end of November). We do not recommend cycling here during (July and August) as it simply gets too hot to do any outdoor activity between 11.00 am and 6.00 pm. As for December and January, well, you’ll see all local cyclists wrapped up in their winter kits, but with an average temperature of 11 degrees and sunny days pretty much guaranteed, it still makes it a fantastic getaway from colder climates

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The Climbs

We are based in Sierra de Cadiz, surrounded by mountains, so there is no shortage of climbs. That being said, most of the climbs in the area are easy enough to tackle, mostly around 5 to 6 per cent in average gradient and 2km-5km long, so you can select a gear and hold a steady rhythm for the length of the climb.

For those looking to prove themselves, we have Puerto de El Boyar, Puerto de Las Palomas or Puerto de El Viento, 3 over 10km-long colossi we highly recommend you get under your cycling belt.

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The Food

The White Villages of Andalucia are not only a visual feast but an opportunity to indulge your palate in some of the most delicious dishes around. Forget what you knew about Spanish food and be prepared to be surprised. We have repeatedly said that The White Villages of Andalucia holds on to its tradition, and the food scene is no different. The gastronomy here differs from what is normally served in more touristic areas.

It flavours and varieties, counting on a special seasoning: the purest olive oil, the one that flows from its land of olive trees. Payoyo cheese, Oven-cooked lamb and venison, homemade flamenquines, cobbler potatoes, or serranitos, The White Villages of Andalucia is ideal for one of the most typical gastronomical traditions in Spain: going out for tapas.

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The Culture

The most traditional Andalusia

Exploring the White Villages of Andalusia, you're sure to find a piece of Spain that has survived unchanged for decades. These municipalities represent what life in Al-Andalus may have been like when it was conquered by Muslims 1.300 years ago. In these villages, stories about daily life survive among its traditional layout and economy based on the cultivation of olive oil production and leather goods artisanry and goat herding, which is still widespread today. The Andalusian people have a passion for life and an openness to everyone that you will find refreshing. It's a great place to visit if for no other reason than to experience their wonderful way of life!

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