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About Us

We are Col Ascenders

A road cycling holiday company based in The White Villages of Andalucía. We exist so you do not have to compromise.

As cyclist holidaymakers, we always wanted to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a local cycling tour operator. We are busy enough with our day-to-day life to be thinking about route planning, accommodation, access to a bike workshop, road assistance in case of an emergency, bike rental, best coffee stops… the list goes on. We never wanted to be tied to a schedule or pre-set routes and mileage, let alone out of reach price tags. Instead, we wanted to be in control of our holiday, seeking the freedom and flexibility of doing what we wanted, when we wanted & without worrying about much else, all at a reasonable price.   

We look, look, and look and could not find any a supplier that provided the level of service we wanted, the flexibility we demanded, at an affordable price tag, so we created it Col Ascenders.

We believe in providing an amazing range of basic services, giving you a chance to upgrade your experience in case you wish to do so.


The decision is yours, just as it should be.

Germán Marín

CEO & Founder Col Ascenders



The values that govern our behaviour

FEEL : To be still and present here & now. To connect. We repeat this word to remind ourselves that we are aware and mindful of what is happening around us at this very moment and that we can fully appreciate and be grateful for what we are experiencing; whether that is a conversation with a client, provider or a ride out in the sun. 

EMBRACE : Accepting new beliefs, theories, opinions, traditions, cultures, willingly and enthusiastically. We believe growth only exist when it is explored from a place of curiosity.

PLAY : A reminder to let our inner child come out and have fun. We encourage bringing your playful side to everything we do. We believe it boosts creativity, problem solving and happiness.


A Col Ascender:


  • Believe that nothing beats the freedom of exploring a new place by bike

  • Believe that a cyclist is ANYONE, no matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, background or religion eager to pedal from A to B

  • Believe in a more sustainable tomorrow. We share a global passion in protecting the environment and will carry along as many people as we can for the ride in our mission to promote sustainable tourism. Doing things differently, is possible. 

  • Believe in providing a boost to local economies and help them flourish

  • Believe in beauty. Raising awareness of areas of outstanding natural beauty is in our DNA. We are extremely passionate about sharing the wonders of this part of the world

  • Believe that cycling tourism should be more than clocking miles. It should give people a close-up experience of the history, landscape and character of a place.

  • Believe in cycling as a happiness booster and one of the most effective mental health tools out there and as such is determined to promote its benefits

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